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17 August, 2007 by rhesus12

My blogging may soon have to end … That’s a shame as I am enjoying my time way up here in the semi-employment slipstream, where I gaze Zeus-like on my devoted readership, some of whom I’ve outlined below.

There’s my Jewish friend Arty Skeetsberg, the SPARC Spinoza, tapping away at a new policy on gymnastics funding, his attractive boss nodding approvingly. I shift slightly on my cloud and watch the Interstellar Love Commando making his way down Holloway Rd to his surgery, still a little hazy but regretting nothing.

One of my little bird friends directs my x-ray attention to Webb St, where deep beneath the Consumers Institute I see Andrew’s gleaming white secret testing centre. Rows of toasters stretch out to infinity, each being inspected by technicans with lab coats and identical hair partings. This brings me joy. Richard the lawyer continues his noble quest to be Alan Shore from Boston Legal. Monsignor Pierre packs his paintbrushes into his van. All is well.


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