Search term round up


22 August, 2007 by rhesus12

Good thing about my blog host WordPress is that it lets you know how people get to your site. Sometimes this is through search terms, which can be fascinating. Number one search term bringing traffic to this page is “Anthony Stretch”. Another (mercifully just the one) is “Olden day tolits”.

I knew that adding the boy from Dannevirke would help the hits. We lived together in a sub-Trainspotting flat by the Basin Reserve and later played in an exceptional band with Mike Petherick at a single fancy dress party. He was Alec from A Clockwork Orange and I was in a sassy, backless red dress and fishnets (though I’m not a lawyer). Played Stooges songs mainly. His band the Septembers are playing early next month at Happy.

He’s also part of one of the weirder coincidences in my life. Watching him play I’d always thought he looked like Joe Strummer, especially the way he bent and straightened one leg in a stamping motion. From Urban Dictionary:

Electric leg
The action of pumping one’s leg forcefully to the beat of music, similar to tapping one’s foot. Term is coined by Joe Strummer.

Then he meets Strummer in London and hangs out with the Mescaleros. And gets a song – Bhindi Bhagee!

Well, I was walking down the High Road
And this guy stops me
He’d just got in from New Zealand
And he was looking for mushy peas
I said, no, we hadn’t really got ’em round here
I said, but we do got …

Not sure why people googling “Olden day tolits” get sent here. I cover only state of the art conveniences.


2 thoughts on “Search term round up

  1. ah yes. it’s all truer than true. (but i can’t comment on olden day tolits). in our younger days we were the height of rakish abandon and charm. mr hawkins could be found, of an evening, holding court at some party or other with a wit that held all right minded folk in his sway. i was drunk lots too.
    The Strummer thing. ay. that was weird. but i’ll take it. one day you’re waiting for a tube ticket. next thing the man’s writing a song for you. My (left) leg still moves in such a manner when gigging. although the days when i looked a bit dangerous or strummeresque are consigned to the 90’s.
    or are they…?
    I’m reminded of something an old friend from dannevirke once told me…
    “don’t be a shit-bag”
    sage words, sage words.

  2. rhesus12 says:

    That’s Mr Twelve to you fella

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