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4 February, 2008 by rhesus12

Crane 2Crane 2John’s let me photograph his latest hell-unleashing peace crane. It’s a much larger model, with the twin tail turbines of the A-10 Warthog, which he considers by far the most impressive aircraft that ever tried to kill him during the first gulf war. Click on the pic to enlarge. Real thing here. (Original post: An Iraqi ex-soldier does origami.)

One and seventy five people died today in a series of Iraqi suicide bombings targeting Kurd civilians of the Yazidi sect. Bad enough, but as there often is, there’s a historial religious twist that shows that hopes of peace are still far out over the horizon. The BBC reports that

tensions between the Yazidi and local Muslims have grown since a Yazidi girl was reportedly stoned by her community in April for converting to Islam.

It also says that

members of the Yazidi community worship an archangel, sometimes represented by a peacock figure. Some Christians and Muslims believe the angel they revere to be the devil.

So, an ecumenical moment, Iraqi style.


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